Кольоровий тонколистовий метал (4-120мм)

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UKREXPORT LTD represents Ukraine’s non-ferrous production of high purity Copper and Brass rolled sections, as well as Nickel/Zinc-alloyed Copper and Brass rolled sections. These include plates, sheets, strips, tubes, square/rounds rods and other profiles made of Copper and Brass. There is no full-cycle production of these non-ferrous metals here -- they are re-smelted and re-rolled from varieties of non-ferrous scarps collected throughout the country. However, such recycled production has been carried out on a mass scale and thoroughly sub-categorized under a great number of Technical Conditions (TU) and State Standards (GOST/DSTU). It’s thousands of finished product types from hundreds of initial source grades, all based on Copper, Brass, Nickel, Zinc, Aluminum, etc. Here are some randomly picked items to name:
-- Hot-Rolled Copper Plates, Sheets, Profiles
-- Hot-Rolled Brass Plates, Sheets, Profiles
-- Cold-Rolled Copper Strips, Cold-Rolled Brass Sheets
-- Cold-Drawn Copper Rods, Tubes, Copper-Nickel Tubes
-- Cold-Drawn Brass Rods, Tubes
-- Extruded Copper Rods, Tubes
-- Extruded Brass Rods, Tubes
-- Extruded Bronze Rods, Tubes
-- Electrical Copper Buses
And here are examples of some dimensions:
Hot-Rolled Copper Sheets: thickness 4-25mm; width 600-1000mm; length 1000-2000mm
Hot-Rolled Copper Plates: thickness 15-120mm; width 500-1100mm; length 300-2000mm
It’s impossible to encompass all domestic non-ferrous metal products in one presentation; and these products would not conform to foreign markets’ standards either. In reality foreign markets’ standards are meager and rather reflect raw materials we use for making finished products here. Copper cathodes, copper chips, copper scraps, brass radiators, brass scraps, aluminum brands, aluminum scraps and so on -- it’s not what we provide here. Copper Sheets, Copper Plates, Copper Strips, Copper Tubes, Copper Rods and so on -- this is what we produce here. As a rule, for any non-ferrous metal produced here minimal order quantity is 500mt for spot offer and 1,000mt x12 = 12,000mt for annual contract.
Please note, any original production of Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Metals is factory approvable but not publicly accessible process. True inquiry for particular production/offer/price has to show authentic information: 1) who (what company) is buyer/importer/consignee; 2) where (what bank) his payment is to come from; 3) how (in copies of docs) he bought/imported/consumed Steel or Copper or Brass last time, to prove 1) and 2). Visit Ukrexport(dot)Ltd.
As provided by National Classifier of Ukraine DK 009:2010
"Classification of Types of Economic Activity" (KVED):
*71130 Domestic trade to commercial organizations;
72200 International trade to commercial organizations;
*51.70.0 Other wholesale trade.

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